Copano Pools & Spas FAQ

Have Questions? We have Answers.

Will the fiberglass swimming pool discolor?

Your pool will withstand the test of time! They are UV resistant and require less maintenance than a concrete pool. The pool should be maintained as per the warranty specifications.

Will the fiberglass pool crack?

The pools are constructed as one piece, 100% fiberglass swimming pool shell, and will flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

Can I empty a fiberglass swimming pool?

The swimming pools should never be emptied. If there is a requirement for the pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons, you should first consult the installer to advise on the situation.

Is the pool surface abrasive?

The swimming pools are smooth and safe. Unlike other gunite, they are not abrasive and there are no sharp or dangerous edges.

Is fiberglass compatible with saltwater?

Yes, they’re totally compatible with saltwater.

Do the pools stain?

The gel coat finish enables the pools to be a stain resistant smooth surface which cleans easily and requires less chemicals, saving you money!

Is it true that fiberglass pools have limited design options?

We can offer over 70 different pool designs.

Are there many pool color options?

We can offer you four pool colors to choose from.

Are fiberglass pools enviromentally friendly?

Absolutely, not only does a fiberglass pool use less chemicals and energy; they also never need to be re-plastered nor does it have a liner to replace resulting in less waste in our landfills.

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Copano Pools & Spas is Corpus Christi's premier inground fiberglass swimming pool builder. Copano Pools uses more than 20 years of experience to create award-winning designs, artistry and service. Copano pools is your first and only choice. We customize your pool to fit your family and entertaining needs. Our painstaking attention to detail has made us a leading luxury pool builder.


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