Fiberglass Pools

Clearwater Beach Fiberglass Pools by Copano Pools & Spas

Why Fiberglass Pools?

Features San Juan Fiberglass Pools Benefits vs. Gunite Difference vs. Vinyl Liner Difference
Product DurabilityAll-weather tolerant, stress-free, pet friendly, 17x stronger than concrete (flexural strength)Rigid, cracks with movementPunctures and tears (not pet friendly)
Product QualityManufactured, controlled quality assurance processOn-site constructed, quality dependent on work forcePre-fabricated liner, site assembled walls
RepairsRequires none (when well maintained)Acid washes, remarcite, plaster & paint requiredLiner replacements, tears, pulls from coping
Surface TextureSmooth, silky feelVery rough, equal to 80 grit sandpaperSlippery, rough seams
Algae TreatmentAlgae-resistant, cannot adhere to pool surfaceConstant, grows through walls, attaches to poresTroublesome, grows in seams, mildews into soil through liner
Care & MaintenanceLess than an hour weekly5 hours/week5 hours/week
Chemical UsageMinimal requiredConsiderably more required (water and vessel)Slightly more required (water and vessel)
Design Options65+ modelsUnlimitedCan be limited
Electrical UsageCirculate 4–6 hours/dayCirculate 10 hours/dayCirculate 6–8 hours/day
Installation TimeWithin days (dependent on site conditions & options)8+ weeks2–5 weeks
Pool AccessSeamless stairs, swim outs, benches, sundecksShallow end stairs (additions at a cost)Drop in type or ladders
Warranty25 year (structural) non-proratedCommonly only one year by contractorOnly if seam separates / pro-rated
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Copano Pools & Spas is a Corpus Christi, San Antonio and New Braunfels premier inground fiberglass swimming pool builder. Copano Pools uses more than 20 years of experience to create award-winning designs, artistry and service. Copano pools is your first and only choice. We customize your pool to fit your family and entertaining needs. Our painstaking attention to detail has made us a leading luxury pool builder.


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